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Welcome to 2022

Happy New Year to one and all. We're hoping that the next year brings better cheer than the previous couple of years.

Let's talk about the staycation. With restricted travel still in place and the fact that we have rediscovered what a beautiful country we live in, the staycation is here to stay.

Here in Wiltshire we have wonderful historic and archaeological sites, beautiful little market towns and some of the best walking and cycling countryside around. Here are some of the attractions;

Stonehenge - A World Heritage Site, Stonehenge and its surrounding prehistoric monuments should be on your 'must see' list. Avebury and Silbury Hill are also wonderful and Wiltshire has a collection of White Horses. Westbury being the oldest of these.

Caen Hill Locks - The market town of Devizes is home Caen Hill locks built In order that boats could climb or descend the steep hill into town. 29 locks were built between Town Bridge and the bottom lock at Lower Foxhangers. In the middle of this is the 'staircase' of 16 locks with enormous side pounds that hold water to fill the locks. There is a delightful little coffee shop at the top of the locks and Devizes is a town of independent traders well worth a visit.

Lacock - The National Trust town of Lacock is another interesting place with the Abbey famous for being a location for the Harry Potter films.

We'll cover individual sites in more detail throughout the year.

Cliffe Farm Dairy is on the edge of Salisbury Plain and is situated on our organic farm and if you're lucky you'll have our sheep in the field next to you. There is seasonal meat available as well as honey. Other products available are made locally and we highlight local artisan producers in the holiday let.

Come and visit us this year and get to know out beautiful county. You'll want to return again and again.

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1 Comment

Elinor Grant
Elinor Grant
Jan 05, 2022

Absolutely love Wiltshire and Salisbury Plain. Not a destination but my very favourite thing about it is the expansive sky, with its fantastic cloud formations. Second favourite is the wonderfully undulating landscape. Fabulous place for a relaxing break (and thank you for supporting our Salisbury Plain cold pressed rapeseed oil in your holiday let!). Ps - more favourite local spots of ours - Stourhead & Longleat

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